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We are Learning Such Exciting things in Language Art in this very Cold Winter! January 31, 2015

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Dayspring children were so busy working in the language area. The children work with many different materials in many different ways for their speech, vocabulary, writing, reading, comprehension, even their leadership, in reading in front of their friends.

a2 a14

‘I’ is working on organizing cards for recognizing patterns.   “This is a baby lizard my mom gave me…”    ‘S’ brought a little taxidermist’s stuffed lizard and is showing and telling about it for oral language development.

a18 a8

“I spy with my eyes… something that we wear on rainy days.”  ‘A’ is matching three different animal cards for enlarging his vocabularies.

a4 a5

‘M’ is sounding out and tracing letters; “r, r, r for rose”.               “T, t, table” This table goes to “t” box.

a5-1 a6

‘N’ is matching letters with pictures on a ‘pizza wheel’ according to initial sounds .   ‘SW’ is working with sound cards, “t, m, b, and f”.

a9 a10

The children finished matching mute cards and labels to speaking cards and now are matching movable alphabet letters to the corresponding picture cards for analysis and exploration of language, all of this in preparation for reading and writing.


‘H’ and ‘ W’ are working with sound cards with matching word endings; “pan, man, can”, “drunk, skunk, trunk…”

a13 a15

‘P” is reading a book with long vowel words.             “I will read this book for you guys.”

a16 a19i

Children are focusing on a kindergartener’s reading.       ‘J’ created her own story with movable alphabet letters and is copying the story.

We have started ‘ballet class’ this month. Children are so excited every minute in the class.

b1 b-2

b-3 b-4

As we all know too well, we got a lot of snow. Children really loved being outside. They shouted and laughed. They made snow balls and ran in the deep snow. They brought sleds from home and sledded on the hill. They enjoyed so much being outside in the clean, white, fresh snow.

c1 c2

c3 c4

“Line up. Let’s slide down the hill two at a time.”  ” Yo, ho, ho…….”


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