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December, the Season of Sharing Warm Things with Love! December 30, 2014

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Our children are becoming physically and mentally much more mature in their behavior. They learn to understand why it is good to serve others.  And then we share some warm clothing in the cold season with some needy children .

They donated warm things for children in need.

a1 a2

“I hope these clothes will help some children warm up in this very cold weather.” The children put warm clothing in the donation box.

They understand how to spend time in their schedule with such activities as; Line Time (morning meeting), work time (individual or group activities), special class time, 2nd Line Time for gross motor development and music, gym or outside, lunch time with table manners, birthday parties, nap time, afternoon special project time, etc.

The children have worked very hard with Montessori materials.

b1 b2

N is working with geometric solids and says ” I know this.”              Two children work together with Pythagoras Board.

b3 b4

We built Christmas lights with Red Rods, Number Rods and Knob Cylinders.                                                                                 J is working with Asia Map wit great concentration.  

Two of children had birthdays.  We’re celebrating both S’s and H’s fifth.

c1 c2

They walk around the circle carrying the earth globe in their hands, one time for each year.  In the middle, course, is our sun and the twelve cards are the months.  At the end they blow out the candle but we all know the sun just keeps on going, even so, for the next set of birthdays.

They did some holiday projects for family and friends.

d1 d2

Christmas wreaths and smiles.                                                                 ” Look at my snowflakes.”

d3 d4

Hand painting and a smile.                                                                    Meticulous work making ornaments.

d5 d6

“OK, I’m going to hold my hand just like you.”                                                    Here’s my gift for Mommy.

Goodbye 2014 and happy 2015.


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